Hawks Thunder Boomer

Hawks Thunder Boomer aka Boomer

This blog is dedicated to my Missouri Fox Trotter, Hawks Thunder Boomer, aka Boomer.  We purchased Boomer on July 14, 2012 from a gentleman named Mike in Yellville, Arkansas, about 3 hours south of our home.  Boomer was intended for my husband to ride the nice smooth glide of a MFT, but my husband insisted he was my anniversary present, I insisted he wasn’t since I already had a horse…lol.  Long story short, he is MY horse.  Boomer is a gentle giant who is very much a people lover!

Boomer meets Lilly

Boomer meeting Lilly for the first

We took Boomer directly to EQNHA for his week of “Boot Camp” to make sure he had all the basic training in place before taking him to his new home at Isuba Valley Horse Park where he would become best bud’s with my horse Lilly. The two of them hit it off from the very start, I was so excited that they became so close and Boomer would be accepted into the herd as Lilly’s side kick.

It wasn’t long before Steve and I were taking these two out on the trails with friends.  When Boomer would get too far ahead of Lilly he would whinny for her and she would whinny back just to let him know she was still there and would catch up in just a few!  What a great pair these two make.

After awhile, Steve decided he really wasn’t interested in riding horses, so on May 26, 2013 I took Boomer out on my very first trail ride with him, we had a blast!  I came back feeling exhilarated with the idea of how much fun he was going to be to ride on the trails!

But three days later I realized that it would be quit some time before Boomer would be on the trails again, he had an unfortunate accident on May 29, 2013 while preparing for the farrier.  I was unable to bring my horses up for the farrier this day, normally I am able to be there with them any time they needed any thing – vet, chiro, dentist, farrier, etc.  But since I couldn’t be there I had the barn manager bring both my horses up for a $20.00 fee.

Boomer's Injury

Boomer’s “Rope Burn”

Apparently he tied my two horses up and one of the Owner’s horses up, left them tied and went around the barn to get another horse.  When he returned he noticed Boomer had a “rope burn” on his left hind pastern.  He let the farrier trim what he could, but because of the pain Boomer was in he could only trim the front.  He then turned Boomer and Lilly back out to pasture.  It was after that, later in the evening around 5:30 or 6 pm that he text me to let me know that Boomer had an injury but didn’t think it was much to worry about.  I was on my way out there to meet my friend Wendy for a ride, when we got there….Boomer was in the run in shed in the pasture and WOULD NOT move!  We were able to see the wound and we wrapped his leg as this is all we could do for the time.


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